Mr. Dandy

we’re just a bunch of  t e e n a g e r s.
                            we can’t handle this.


President Snow is right. A spark could be enough to set them ablaze

Sophie Turner photographed by Sylvain Homo for Vanidad Magazine, April 2014

" R e d  L i g h t " was some kind of warning message expressed in a bigger picture. Taboo and Longing. Utopia and Dystopia. Reality and Ideal. By presenting all these contradicting codes together, I wanted to show what the world has forbidden on one side; on the opposite, how you yearn for personal ideals.

~Min Heejin (SM Visual & Art Director)

I open my mouth, planning to start off with some kind of joke, and burst into tears.

i srsly need someone to blogsit :((


T H E  C R Y I N G  W I N D

You wanna do a few banks later?

❝ I realize now that dying is easy. Living is hard. ❞
What kind of stories do you like as an actress?
Actually, I like everything. I just filmed a movie that was sort of a comedy and I like these films, also the kind of comedies Judd Apatow does. I like to play emotional roles, thrillers… I could do something like “The Spectacular Now,” share that with Miles Teller, it’s my favourite movie. And I would also like to do some action movies. I would like to show every side of me.

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